Going back to your future

What is Rewind?

Rewind is a four week signature class at CFTN that deals with four areas of our life:

-REALIGN (Spirit, soul, and body)

-REDIRECT (Purpose, seven mountain strategy)

-RE-STATE (The words we use)

-REESTABLISH (Building a strong foundation)

It ends with an Activation Night at CFTN Central to send you into your mountain of influence!

Does it cost anything?

It does cost $40 to cover the cost of supplies. You'll receive The Bait of Satan written by John Bevere, as well as the Rewind Workbook.

If you already have The Bait of Satan then the class is only $20!

Is Rewind required for church members?

Rewind is our membership class. You do not have to take the Rewind in order to attend the CFTN Surprise.

We would love it though if you joined our next class so you can get closer to the destiny God has called you to!

Interested in Rewind?

Register below to let us know you're interested! We'll reach out to you with upcoming dates and to answer any questions you may have.